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Project Diva Motions Facial/Hands Motion [MMD MEGA Dump Downloads]

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

This is specifically for motions that I've converted and made facials for; which is better than having people re-download the entire motion just for facials when that could be using up their internet/data.

Enjoy using the Facial/Hands motions on whichever model you use them on!

Here's a tip to save you time later on

Load the facial and hands with the main motion and then save the motion so that next time you don't have to load the facials each time.

and if you don't want to do that; another tip would be putting the facial/hand motions in the same folder as the main motion for quick access to load them.

Downloads are here -> [Hands/Facials Downloads]

Future Tone

PV002 - World is Mine [Hand/Facials]

PV054 - Meltdown [Facials]

PV268 - Catch The Wave (Solo) [Facials]


PV636 - 1/6 -out of the gravity- Live Mode [Facials]



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