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PD Motions [MMD MEGA Download]

Updated: Jul 19



Animation/Motion Script - Minmode

PD PSP Motion Script by korenkonder

Convert to MMD - FlyingSpirits



• Arm Twist bones for the arms to work properly

• 全ての親 (Masterbone) to properly move the model around

• センター (Center) in the same position as the 下半身 (LowerBody)

• 上半身 (UpperBody1) and 上半身2 (UpperBody2) for proper upperbody rotations

• 左足IK (Left Leg IK) parented to 全ての親

• 右足IK (Right Leg IK) parented to 全ての親


• Pose your model's arms to the same angle rotation as the reference model for best arm accuracy

If you don't know what to do, take a look at the reference model

•Warning for Japanese users•

Using these motions is illegal under Japanese law so it is recommended that you do not use these motions

For motions that do not have finger animation; there are converted hand poses from the game that you can use to make your own finger animations

Motion Downloads are here -> [Motion Downloads]

.:PDX Motions will have Full and PV Versions:.

(Full = Full Length of Song)

(PV = PV Length of Song)


If you're ripping cameras from the game for the motions; some motions are 1 frame too late, you just have to move the camera motion 1 frame to the right

Future Tone Motions *Includes PDF and F2nd Motions*

-[PV266] [Ghost Rule]

-[PV305] [Just Be Friends Live Mode]

-[PV621] [Nostalogic]

-[PV832] [Hand in Hand]

-[PV312] [Two-Faced Lovers Live Mode]

-[PV059] [Change Me]

-[PV057] [Double Lariat]

-[PV087] [Palette]

-[PV064] [Innocence]

-[PV228] [No Logic]

-[PV638] [Tell Your World]

-[PV027] [Ievan Polkka]

-[PV311] [World's End Dancehall Live Mode]

-[PV249] [Age Age Again]

-[PV218] [The Snow White Princess is...]

-[PV615] [Melancholic]

-[PV626] [Weekender Girl]


-[PV257] [Shake it]

-[PV255] [Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia]

-[PV261] [Kimi no Taion]

-[PV259] [Cendrillon] <-- since Adolescence uses the same motion; you can just use this one for it. 

-[PV201] [Stardust Utopia]

-[PV043] [Romeo and Cinderella]

-[PV041] [Colorful x Melody]

-[PV212] [Colorful x Sexy]

-[PV226] [On The Rocks]

-[PV623] [Sadistic Music Factory]

-[PV637] [Senbonzakura -F Edition]

-[PV739] [Decorator]

-[PV207] [Saturation]

-[PV250] [Nice to Meet You, Mr. Earthling]

-[PV032] [The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku]

-[PV738] [BlackJack]

-[PV052] [Love-Colored Ward]

-[PV014] [Miracle Paint]

-[PV730] [Hello Worker]

-[PV054] [Meltdown]

-[PV050] [Saihate]

-[PV055] [Kokoro]

-[PV202] [Stargazer]

-[PV246] [Terekakushi Shishunki]

-[PV244] [Snowman]

-[PV049] [Popipo]

-[PV001] [Love is War]

-[PV031] Your Diva

-[PV029] Requiem For The Phantasma

-[PV012] Marginal

-[PV607] Secret Police

-[PV102] Multiple Future Quartet ~QUARTET THEME~

-[PV016] VOCALOID in Love

-[PV205] Holy Star -2010 DIVA Mix-

-[PV208] Depression of Cybernetics

-[PV222] Black Gold

-[PV028] [Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru]

-[PV213] [Luka Luka Night Fever]

-[PV060] [Sound]

-[PV048] [Ai Kotoba]

-[PV225] [Yume Yume]

-[PV214] [Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder]

-[PV622] [Stay with me]

-[PV268] [Catch The Wave]

-[PV271] [Teo]

-[PV723] [2D Dream Fever]

-[PV611] [Acute]

-[PV096] [Sekiranun Graffiti]

-[PV604-] [Torinoko City]

-[PV239] [Tricolore Airline]

-[PV736] [Two Breaths Walking]

-[PV616] [Unhappy Refrain]

-[PV732] [Akatsuki Arrival]

-[PV236] [Absolunote]

-[PV007] [Strobo Nights]

-[PV247] [Sweet Magic]

-[PV005] [Melt]

-[PV006] [Far Away]

-[PV002] [World is Mine]

-[PV056] [Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder]

-[PV039] [Finder (DSLR remix - re-edit)]

-[PV227] [Mousou Sketch]

-[PV095] [Nekomimi Switch]

-[PV097] [Rin Rin Signal]

-[PV729] [This is Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee]

-[PV211] [Iroha Uta]

-[PV272] [Hibana]

-[PV269] [39 Music]

-[PV051] [VOiCE (-DIVA MIX-)]

-[PV268] [Catch The Wave]

-[PV224] [Rosary Pale]

-[PV605] [Hm? Ah, Yes.]

-[PV619] [Tengaku]

-[PV614] [MEGANE]

-[PV021] Beware of the Miku Miku Germs♪

-[PV019] Hato -[PV725] Pinky Swear

-[PV433] Paris Cinema Girl

-[PV231] Kipple Industry, Inc

PDX Motions

-[PV924] [Satisfaction]

-[PV905] [The Lost One's Weeping]

-[PV930] [Ultimate Medley]

-[PV929] [Chaos Medley]

-[PV928] [Beauty Medley]

-[PV901] [Strangers]

-[PV911] [Lots of Laugh]

-[PV912] [Patchwork Staccato]

-[PV907] [Tale of the Deep-sea Lily]

-[PV925] [Cute Medley]

-[PV908] [Love Trial]

-[PV903] [Streaming Heart]

-[PV909] [Love Song]

-PV922 [Amazing Dolce]

-[PV920] [Raspberry Monster]

-[PV919] [Solitary Envy]

-[PV904] [Babylon]

-[PV914] [Calc.]

-[PV918] [Humorous Dream of Mrs. Pumpkin]

-[PV921] [Brain Revolution Girl]

-[PV923] [Name of the Sin]

-[PV915] [A Single Red Leaf]

-[PV913] [Even a Kunoichi Needs Love]

-[PV906] [Slow Motion]

-[PV931] [Sharing The World]

-[PV916] [Sacred Spear Explosion Boy]

-[PV902] [Ai Dee]

-[PV927] [Cool Medley]

-[PV917] [Urotander, Underhanded Rangers]

-[PV910] [The First Sound]

-[PV932] [Hand in Hand]

-[PV926] [Beginning Medley]

F2nd Motions

-[PV705] [Romeo and Cinderella]

-[PV744] [PianoxFortexScandal Live Mode]

-[PV749] [Glow Live Mode]

-[PV703] [Packaged]

-[PV742] [Sweet Devil Live Mode]

-[PV746] [Hello Worker Live Mode]

-[PV762] [Just Be Friends]

-[PV751] [Odds and Ends Live Mode]

-[PV764] [Rolling Girl]

-[PV702] [World is Mine]

-[PV759] [Yellow]

-[PV769] [Electric Angel]

-[PV747] [Love-Hate Live Mode]

-[PV748] [Tokyo Teddy Bear Live Mode]

-[PV750] [Tell Your World Live Mode]

-[PV704] [Miracle Paint]

-[PV718] [SPiCa 39's Giving Day Edition]

-[PV743] [Cat Food Live Mode]

-[PV770] [Promise]

-[PV720] [The Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku]

-[PV716] [Clover Club]

-[PV745] [Erase or Zero Live Mode]

-[PV735] [Cantarella ~Grace Edition~]

-[PV758] [Change Me]

-[PV755] [Ai Kotoba]

-[PV757] [Look This Way, Baby]

-[PV711] [Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru]

-[PV709] [Colorful x Melody]

-[PV756] Sekiranun Graffiti

PDF Motions *The Live Mode Motions*

-[PV636] [1/6 -out of the gravity- Live Mode]

-[PV647] [39 Live Mode]

-[PV645] [Odds and Ends Live Mode]

-[PV646] [Time Machine Live Mode]

-[PV643] [PoPiPo]

PD PSP Motions *No twist bones required*

-[B003] [relations]

-[B002] [GO MY WAY!!]

VR Future Live [VRFL]

-[PV120] - [Shake it MM Version]


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