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Miracle Girls Festival Motion Converts [MMD MEGA Dump Downloads]

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Hello Everyone! I just want to say Huge thanks and the appreciated time that Minmode has given us to be able to rip these games, forever grateful.

There is some base reference models in the main motion folder that you can take a look at for what you need to do on your model to work properly with the motion.

Make sure to match your model of choice to the reference models for best motion accuracy. Have fun with the Motion! hopefully it doesn't give you too much trouble to use.

If you have trouble with the motion you can reach me in my discord server or my website (links in description) I would be happy to help; so do other members.


Model/Animation Script - Minmode

Convert to MMD - FlyingSpirits

Downloads are here -> [Motion Downloads]


- ブルー・フィールド (Blue Field) (Full Version)

- Innocent Blue (Full Version)

- Vivid Shining Sky (Full Version)

- ありふれたしあわせ (Arifureta Shiawase) (Full Version)

- も・ぎ・た・て♡フルーツガールズ (Mogitate ♥ Fruit Girls) (Full Version)

- コードレス☆照れ☆PHONE (Cordless☆Tele☆PHONE) (Full Version)

- 恋は渾沌の隷也 (Love is the Servant of Chaos) (Full Version)

- 太陽曰く燃えよカオス (The Sun Burns The Chaos) (Full Version)

- Daydream café (Full Version)

- ぽっぴんジャンプ♪ (Poppin Jump♪) (Full Version)

- タチアガレ! (Tachiagare!) (Full Version)

- 7 Girls War (Full Version)

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There is a base reference model in the main motion folder that you can use to reference for what needs to be changed on your model to work properly with the motion. Make sure that your model is really

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