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Hatsune Miku VR Motion Converts [MMD MEGA Dump Downloads]

Updated: Jan 23

The motions were retargeted to the PDX Miku Model so if you want the motion to be more "accurate" to what I retargeted to, please match your model to the PDX Miku one.

Special Thanks to iiCxmeron_

Downloads are here -> [Motion Downloads]

HMVR Romeo and Cinderella

HMVR Hibikase

HMVR Ghost Rule

HMVR Lucky Orb Short Ver.

HMVR Alien Alien

HMVR Sebonzakura

HMVR 39 Music

HMVR Stella Short Ver.


HMVR All I Need are Things I Like

HMVR Kimagure Mercy

HMVR Karakuri Pierrot


HMVR Future Teleportation

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